Reinventing the customer relationship

This means using our customers’ experience and practices to understand everything we do, anticipating their expectations and responding to them in a targeted and efficient way.
A simplified customer journey, with a limited number of agents and a specific focus on key interactions (selecting products, support, mastering the equipment, handling breakdowns, etc.) will be positive actions and will provide proof that our customer relationships are changing.

Initiatives and ambitions for 2018

  • To customize our interactions with customers and our services, with 100% of customers recognized in all our contact points by 2018.
  • To rethink the customer experience in our stores, with the aim of making 20% of our European stores into smart stores and implementing a digital coaching plan in AMEA. To simplify the customer journey and our product and service offering in order to reduce customer effort to a minimum.
  • To digitalize the customer relationship and conduct half of all customer interactions digitally.
  • To develop a Premium Class position, with a target of 10-15% of customers in Europe.
  • To develop a Premium position and launch a European action plan by 2016.


Our actions

  1. The Group opens its first Smart Store in Romania
  2. MyOrange App: self-care for all arrives in Kenya!