Supporting the transformation of corporate customers

The “digital revolution” results in businesses innovating constantly and changing their business models, services and offers.
First and foremost, we want to be a trusted partner for businesses by providing them with the best possible connectivity, and then by supporting their digital transformation with appropriate and flexible solutions (cloud, hybrid networks, digital workspace, IoT platforms, etc.). We also aim to be a world-class actor in security and to maintain our position as a leader in cyber defense in France.

Initiatives and ambitions for 2018

  • To enrich connectivity services by increasing our market share in Europe and AMEA and to be a leader in hybrid networks.
  • To develop flexible cloud infrastructures for industry and to be a leader in France.
  • To support our customers’ new business processes and to be a leader for IoT solutions with a focus on health, smart cities, the customer relationship and logistics.
  • To become a world-class actor in security for multinational companies, a leader in cyber defense in France and a leader for security in the rest of Europe.
  • To develop collaborative, flexible and mobile environments and to become a leader in unified communications and mobile integrated workstations.

Our actions

  1. Orange Business Services [Fr]
  2. Leading global "cyberdefense" player