Our responsible commitment

Nowadays all stakeholders expect a company to maintain excellent corporate social responsibility practices. In addition to a structured and proactive CSR approach, Orange also strongly believes that digital innovation generates shared value and progress both for our company and for individuals and society as a whole. 

Sustainable development, social responsibility and business performance all go hand in hand. That’s why since 2016 we have published an Integrated Annual Report, which presents the Group’s financial results and CSR performance in a single publication.

Our integrated annual report

Generating value to benefit as many people as possible

Developing everyone’s potential, building a smarter, more responsible and more open society, contributing to a more connected and balanced world: these are just some of the benefits we want to offer with our innovations and activities.
In light of the increasing role of digital technology, we are also careful to promote a digital society where everyone, on an individual and collective level, can benefit from it in an informed way. 

Here are the three drivers behind our CSR approach that guide our activities every day

  • Create trust in the digital world

We’re working at every level in the company to be seen by our stakeholders, external and internal, as a trusted partner in a positive, simple and safe digital world.

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  • Contribute to economic and social development

At the centre of a vast industrial and economic ecosystem, with privileged access to millions of customers and a strong market position in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Orange is helping to make digital technology a catalyst for socio-economic development.  

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  • Promote energy and ecological transition

Digital technology is now integrated into all sectors of human activity, and developing digital uses is a daily challenge for us. We have set ambitious goals and are taking concrete actions across all our business units to reduce our environmental impact. Moreover, by radically transforming the industrial world, digital technology also provides the opportunity for more innovative and sustainable solutions to promote energy and ecological transition.

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