Create trust in the digital world

Digital technologies are transforming society and our daily lives, but they can generate risks, anxieties and uncertainties. At Orange, we want everyone to embrace these changes with confidence. Our objective is to help our employees, customers and partners make the most of a positive digital world.

Guiding and supporting our customers in a secure digital world

To ensure our customers enjoy an unrivalled customer experience, we aim to build relationships based on trust, staying close to their needs, listening to them and being transparent

Our French website Bien vivre le digital, is dedicated to using digital responsibly and offers clear answers (information, advice, practical guides, videos and a forum) to help people in terms of data protection, children and radio waves. Our other European countries are also rolling out similar initiatives, for example Orange Poland has developed a search engine in partnership with Nobody’s Children Foundation which is designed to protect minors from viewing inappropriate content.

In parallel we’re supporting younger people understand and master the tools needed for a digital life. The #SuperCoders programme is run by voluntary Orange coaches and partner associations and aims to raise digital awareness among 9 to 13 year-olds by introducing them to coding in a simple and playful way. The #SuperCoders festival takes place in October with participation from 17 European and African counties through Code Weeks.

#SuperCodeurs received the first prize at the European Commission’s "European Digital Skills Awards" in the "Digital Skills for all Citizen" category.

Significant volumes of data pass through our networks every day, so it’s important to protect our customers’ and users’ personal information. Our tools help them manage their data and protect them when using our Orange platforms. This includes the first trust badge, which we launched in France.

Finally we keep our stakeholders informed about digital health issues. We’re committed to being transparent when it comes to radio waves, and share information about how to limit radio wave exposure when using a mobile phone. The Radio Waves website is available in seven languages and answers all of your questions, as well as sharing the latest international standards and scientific studies.

  • More than 7,500 children in 17 countries have taken part in #SuperCoders workshops since 2015
  • Orange manages the 263 million customers’ data and communication every day around the world


Being a digital and caring employer

Because for us “employee experience” is just as essential as “customer experience”, we support our employees in our company’s digital transformation, each in their own way. In 2016, we signed the first company-level agreement on digital transformation with trade unions containing measures to achieve a level playing field for employees, a key element being respect for work/life balance and personal data and a guaranteed right to switch off.

In 2014, we created the Digital Academy to encourage our employees’ growing digital skills, which helps everyone acquire a basic level of digital know-how. Each employee can follow the “Digital for all” course at their own pace, via online training content.
More than 91,000 digital passports were issued to Group employees who successfully completed their training, a testament to its success.

Our responsible employment policy means we are developing our employees’ skills in emerging technologies too (Big Data, digital marketing, cyberdefense, network virtualisation). We organise this through Orange Campus, the Group’s management school, as well as more than 40 business schools in France and abroad. Employees in the AMEA zone (Africa, Middle East and Africa), for example, spend an average of 27 hours per year in training.

For us employee engagement is about improving our innovation and attractiveness through diversity and equal opportunities. That’s why we regularly carry out an equal pay audit in the countries where we are present. The Group has 11 women’s and/or diversity networks and 15 communities dedicated to professional equality on our corporate social networks.

Finally we carry out a social barometer every year – twice a year in France – to ensure our employee actions are implemented effectively.

  • 32% of our employees were active on our corporate social network Plazza in 2016
  • In France, 88% of employees would recommend Orange as a good place to work 93% are proud to work there (H2 2016)
  • The female recruitment rate across the Group was 34% in 2016

Doing business responsibly with all stakeholders

Our responsible purchasing policy is based on our belief that sustainable cooperation between a company and its suppliers improves performance for both parties. This requires mutual trust based on respecting the principles we promote and supporting suppliers and subcontractors in defining and implementing best practice policies.

We ensure environmental and social criteria are taken into account in our tenders to promote our CSR standards in our supply chain. At the same time, we look favourably on innovative SMEs and companies that promote the integration of people with disabilities in order to contribute to local development and employment.

In addition, Orange is one 1,800 signatories of the Responsible Supplier Relations charter, and one of the 39 companies to have been awarded the “Responsible Supplier Relations” label in France.

Finally, Orange is a founding member of the Joint Audit Corporation (JAC). This association of operators that promotes transparency in the telecoms supply chain by carrying out audits and defining corrective action plans. We conducted 69 on-site supplier audits during 2016 (the target was 65).

Orange is working with companies that promote the integration of people with disabilities through a €16.9m budget (€15m commitment per year).