Innovating the Orange Way

Orange aspires to use innovative technologies as a tool to improve quality of life for all. The diversity of our expertise and our openness to all research and innovation systems contribute to our philosophy: technological innovation for the benefit of people, society, and the planet. The Group strives to make innovation available to the widest possible audience because it only translates into progress when we use it to serve the people. 

Innovation by and for the People

The digital world is booming: communication between connected objects, the abundance of data, and advances in artificial intelligence are gradually transforming our daily lives. Technologies change our habits, transform our working methods, and revolutionize our approach to consumption. In this changing world, research and innovation play an increasingly decisive role in social welfare, in terms of home services, urban management or economic dynamism.

For Orange, technology is not an end in itself. It is a question of using it to serve the people to obtain more fluid exchanges, facilitate processes, simplify daily life, etc. It is by making technology useful that it becomes innovation and it is only by making it accessible to the widest possible audience that progress is achieved. In this way, the Group's aim is to ensure that its innovations are accessible to as many people as possible. Orange also strives to promote innovative and responsible uses of digital technologies, which play a part in improving our daily lives.

Innovation in the Group revolves around 3 key challenges:

  • the development of each individual's potential through access to new knowledge, communication, and services to improve our lives,
  • a more intelligent society that is responsible and open, equipped with new consumption, production, and learning methods,
  • a more connected, more balanced planet, in which technologies will help to better predict, regulate, and optimize many aspects of human activity while preserving the earth's limited natural resources.

A Collective and Open Approach

Orange's Research and Innovation teams are made up of a vast community of almost 8,000 employees with a wide range of profiles. Our innovations are an expression of the wealth of exchanges between researchers, engineers, designers, developers, data scientists, sociologists, graphic designers, marketers, cyber security experts, and more. Thanks to our interactions with our partners, our ecosystems, and the various components of the digital world, we can quickly unlock innovative solutions that take full advantage of their networks while bringing increasingly simple and intuitive innovations to our customers. An open vision of innovation, designed for and around the customer.