Creating a trusted digital society is possible

The latest technologies carry the promise of a more inclusive society where everyone can thrive. They are capable of responding to major social challenges that lie ahead. To maximise the potential benefits, it’s up to us to help create the conditions for a digital society in which everyone can act with total confidence.

Innovation feeds on trust

A society only works when it is based on trust. The trust we place in our institutions, the leaders we vote into power, the media we depend on to keep us informed, and our economy and currency. We rely on scientists, doctors, experts and specialists. Society is built on the fact that we trust them, and share this feeling with our communities. This trust ensures we can live alongside each other and engage in the world around us.

This trust has reached a crisis point: according to the latest surveys, our trust has eroded particularly towards the media, governments and economy. This trend has perhaps been provoked by the proliferation of fake news and political and financial scandals. Large tech companies are just as much at fault: massive data breaches, business models that threaten our private lives, lack of transparency when it comes to algorithms… in fact users are urging companies to guarantee they can be trusted. More than half of all consumers are choosing to buy from or boycott a brand based on how they respond to a societal issue.(2018 Edelman Earned Brand study)

At a time when the Internet of Things, 5G and Artificial Intelligence are developing rapidly and prompting revolutionary new uses, the time has come to meet this legitimate expectation. How can we build a digital world people can trust in? As a leading multi-service operator, it’s up to Orange to assume this responsibility. It is only on this condition, that innovations can enable meaningful progress for people, society and the planet.

The trust that binds people together is a fragile bond, constantly put to the test and based on both rational decisions and emotional feelings. Because we firmly believe it isn’t a given, we’re committed to proving our reliability in everything we do.

Trust can’t be taken for granted: it has to be earned every day.


By your side, on a daily basis

Our network is the lifeline of our business and it’s one of the main reasons why you trust us.

It has our Orange employees to thank for its quality, working to develop, enrich and innovate its performance whether it crosses the land or sea. In all our operating countries, our teams deploy and maintain networks that adapt to their environment, sometimes in extreme conditions.


Civil engineering works accidentally cutting lines, bad weather or theft of copper cables are all unforeseen events that operators must overcome when restoring the essential network as quickly as possible. Orange is committed to ensuring network uptime and also proactively plans recovery processes in case of unforeseen events.

Every time an Orange network is affected, restoring the service is the priority for the Group and employees. 

Saint-Barthélémy, 12/7/2017, "Anse des Cayes" after the hurricane Irma
Saint-Barthélémy, 12/7/2017, copper pull overhead
Trèbes, October 2018, damaged lines under broken roads
Trèbes, October 2018, an Orange technician on temporary equipment

Discover how Orange is committed to tackling crisis situations

What we do with your data

Our data philosophy is based on trust. Protecting personal data and respecting your private life are long-term commitments. The Group has always operated within a strict data protection framework, and today its network of Data Protection Officers ensures compliance with new regulations.

Whether it is information provided on a contract or data generated when using telecoms products or services, we have processes in place to inform you of the way we process it: from simplifying our online privacy policy to pop-ups that ask you to accept cookies, Trust Badge and more.

Our role as a telecoms leader puts us in a firm position of responsibility when it comes to the data we process. Some is analysed by our teams to understand your uses so we can continue to improve our services. Whenever possible we also anonymise data. By removing all personal information we can carry out statistical analysis for some of our customers (footfall, origin and movement) through our Big Data Flux Vision solution.

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