Contributing to socio-economic development

At Orange, we are fully aware of the importance of our local heritage in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. It forms the basis of our rich history and consequently our role as an operator. It’s a two-way relationship: our activities have become essential to socio-economic development in our regions, but they also benefit from these ecosystems – ensuring sustainable and profitable growth for both. This virtuous circle makes us even more committed to ensuring technology makes the world a better place for all.

What is a company’s role today?

We’re living in an era where all of the previous century’s business models are being thrown into question. On a national and international level, citizens are questioning and challenging the role of businesses. Consumers, public authorities and civil movements no longer judge companies solely on the basis of their overall financial performance, but according to their broader socio-economic impacts – job creation, skills development, inclusion, access to everyday essential services, and sustainable territorial investment and involvement.

Orange’s ambition

We believe our role as an operator is two-fold: to not only create and redistribute value among our employees, suppliers and shareholders but also, indirectly, to ensure our investments, innovations, products and services and philanthropic activities offer our stakeholders the means to progress individually and collectively.

Three ways we make a difference

Contribute to reducing the digital divide in all its forms

To ensure as many people as possible can access today’s essential digital services, Orange is helping to fight against all forms of digital exclusion, be they geographical, economic, cultural, or related to age or disability.

200 digital centres

open in 18 countries offering digital training to 11,000 women

37 million Orange Money customers

in 17 countries by the end of 2017

Develop innovative essential services

Digital technologies can provide a broad range of solutions to consumers so long as they are tailored and respond to their essential needs. This is the approach behind “Orange for Development” where we design, often with partners, products and services that open up opportunities to progress in agriculture, financial services, education, health or women’s empowerment.

Support entrepreneurship

Tomorrow’s world is one of increasingly blurred lines and pushed boundaries between players of all shapes and sizes in ever-changing ecosystems. Orange supports this movement through an open innovation philosophy, where we work with all types of entrepreneurs and start-ups and promote sustainable synergies with digital and or social initiatives.

435 entrepreneurs

supported in 2017

Did you know?

Orange accounts for 40 billion € in direct annual economic benefits

Present in 28 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, employing 152,000 people and serving nearly 270 million personal customer and several million business customers, our Group is a major economic player around the world. In 2017, this resulted in the following direct economic benefits:

  • 10 billion € in salaries;
  • 7 billion € in investments;
  • 18 billion € in external procurement;
  • 3 billion € in taxes and licences.