Digital access for all

Even now, there is inequality with digital technologies. Whether geographic, economic, physical or cultural, obstacles exist.

Because ICTs represent a real driver of progress and facilitate the development of people and regions, they have become highly strategic for society as a whole.

Orange is committed to fighting against factors which cause exclusion through its innovative solutions and investments. The aim: that everyone can access services which have become essential in good conditions.

Combating geographic digital divides

Orange has long been investing in extending fixed and mobile network coverage:

  • accelerating deployment of fibre and 4G in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, where our customers need it most;
  • eliminating "Dead Zones"


Combating different kinds of digital divides

  • Orange has deployed a "design for all" strategy to fight the digital divide related to disability and age; the objective is to adapt our products and services to the needs of these populations, and to design specific products combining innovation, simplicity and ergonomics.
  • To combat the economic divide, Orange is seeking to address the economic problems of specific populations by creating supportive programmes or adapted offers, often with partners, to help improve general local or sectoral vitality using digital technology.
  • To fight against factors for exclusion linked to education or cultural or social issues, Orange offers awareness and equipment programmes, particularly through the Orange Foundation.