Essential digital services tailored to meet the needs of all

ICTs can provide solutions in many areas, as long as users are provided with offers that fit their situation.

As part of its global "Orange for Development" approach, the Group is working with its partners to design products and services that represent the best enabler of progress, especially in Africa and the Middle-East.

Once digital access is provided, several possible areas of transformation have been identified, including:

  • agriculture, in view of improving revenue for farmers, increasing farm yields and developing the global value chain
  • health, to offer simple, reliable and effective solutions for medical services, but also provide patients with the means to better manage their health and medical conditions


  • financial services to provide access to banking services via mobiles devices, freeing customers from the constraints of traditional banking networks with limited access to branches


  • access to energy, which is the prerequisite for any development, especially in Africa, where 2 out of 3 inhabitants do not have electricity


  • digital inclusion of women, through the m-Women initiative, to enhance their contribution to sustainable socio-economic development