Digital trust

We firmly believe in the ability for technology to enable progress and pave the way for significant advances in society. However, we’re also aware that digital transformation is bringing about rapid change and can create risks, uncertainties and anxieties. That’s why we’re committed to supporting and guiding our customers, partners and employees, whenever and wherever, so that they can make the most of a positive digital world. The key to all of this is trust.  

Building relationships based on trust

Smart Stores

Inviting people to discover and try out our products and services through a network of Orange Smart Stores which reached 327 worldwide by the end of 2017.


Every day, Orange takes care of communications and data for 263 million customers around the world.

Guidance, support and transparency

To ensure our customers enjoy an unrivalled customer experience, we aim to build relationships based on trust, staying close to their needs, listening to them and being transparent.

Supporting new uses is also at the heart of what we do and is the philosophy behind our French website Bien vivre le digital, which helps people adopt positive digital best practices. We also run awareness and educational workshops to help users become more tech savvy.

Finally, because trust has to be earned, Orange also goes well beyond its regulatory obligations in terms of transparency. For example, in terms of personal data management: since 2010, our Group has published a charter on the protection of personal data and privacy, which shows exactly how we process customer and user data.

Information and awareness

For the last 20 years, Orange has been proactively contributing to the debate about radio communications, keeping our stakeholders up to date with the latest information and usage recommendations. So far there have been no proven negative health effects, but we still remain proactive: ensuring compliance with local regulations, promoting the best mobile practices issued by authorities and educating our staff who work on or near antennas.

Radio waves

The radio waves website is available in 7 languages and answers all of your questions about radio communications.


Orange is a founding member of the Joint Audit Cooperation, which monitors, evaluates and ensures the delivery of its CSR principles among global suppliers in the ICT sector.

Doing business responsibly

Our responsible purchasing policy is founded on our belief that sustainable cooperation between a company and its suppliers improves performance for both parties.

This requires mutual trust based on respecting the principles we promote and supporting suppliers and subcontractors in defining and implementing best practice policies.

Being the best company to work for

Because for us “employee experience” is just as essential as “customer experience”, we support our employees in our company’s digital transformation through our promise as a digital and caring employer. It is a vital part of our Essentials 2020 strategic plan, which we bring to life through our many initiatives that aim to:

  • guarantee a high quality work environment that emphasises employee well-being;
  • support skills development;
  • promote employee engagement;
  • develop collective agility.

Listening to our employees

Launched in 2010, our employee barometer is our annual survey built around the priorities of our employer promise. In 2017, 71,735 (51.4%) took part and the results showed a 3-point rise in approval ratings among Group employees, both in France and abroad, with 83% of employees saying they would recommend Orange as a good place to work.