Orange, a digital and caring employer


Essentials2020's ambition is to create an unrivalled customer experience. This involves listening to our customers and acting accordingly. The men and women of Orange are the main actors in this ambition. This is why Orange has committed to each of its employees with a shared, simple and enduring promise, addressed to all, whatever their entity: a digital and caring employer promise. This promise was co-constructed with over 1,000 employees Group-wide.

It aims to create a unique, digital and caring employee experience

  • Digital: in a world undergoing a rapid digital evolution, digital technology is an amazing opportunity to simplify employee relations, in the same way that Orange wants to simplify the customer relation, by transforming working methods and moving towards more autonomy and group work.
  • Caring: Orange puts people at the heart of its project. For Orange, being a caring employer means staying close to its teams and taking care of every individual to ensure their quality of life at work and enable them to grow as an active participant in their development.
  • Unique: Orange takes into account the situation and history of each employee, and uses their diversity as a driver of progress and collective intelligence.


Three priorities support this initiative

  • Guaranteeing key skills for the future: identifying key skills, recognising and developing in-house skills, recruiting profiles with these skills.


  • Developing our collective agility: developing new agile ways of working and thinking transversally in our organisation and operating methods, focusing on digitisation and simplification and promoting innovation, initiative, and experimentation


  • Encouraging employee engagement:strengthening our managerial culture and fostering employee commitment by encouraging empowerment and initiatives


  • while actively pursuing our policy in favour of workplace equality and diversity


Awards / certifications

Global Top Employer 2017

Obtained for the first time in 2016, the Global Top Employer certification was renewed at the beginning of 2017: Once again, Orange is the only telecoms operator among the 10 winning companies. Dedicated to the best human resources programmes, this approach is shared by all Orange countries and is based on a very detailed questionnaire, backed up with proof and a comparative audit in each country.

Other external awards for the Orange Group

  • Global Top Employer 2017
  • Gender Equality European & International Standard certification (GEEIS).
  • eCAC40 2016
  • 2016 Diversity Conseil Grand Prize
  • Happy Trainees Label 2016-2017
  • Special Jury Prize for social exploration