Providing an unrivalled customer experience


To provide its customers with an unrivalled experience, Orange is deploying an internal transformation programme organised around three main areas for action:

  • enhancing the network and services;
  • digitisation, which helps facilitate the customer relationship and personalise it;
  • simplification, a source of peace of mind for the customer and improved internal efficiency.

Three drivers complete the approach:

  • individual knowledge of the customer through digital customer recognition tools (360° vision or data), which enable us to personalise our customer relations, our product and service offerings, and monitor the quality of the network provided,
  • the invitation to experiment and to discover, and the proximity with the Orange teams in over 150 smart stores worldwide
  • a human and cultural driver thanks to the Voix Essentielles programme which aims to deploy a culture of continuous improvement based on listening to the opinions of employees and customers.

-     This programme involves all business lines, markets and Orange countries, our 155,000 employees and more than 80,000 subcontractors and service providers worldwide.