Assessing the impact of digital technology in our lives


Digital technology is changing the way we live, communicate and perceive the world. To ensure that these changes are always synonymous with progress, we want to give everyone the means to better understand the changes that digital technology entails, and to make it a contributor to positive transformation.

With this in mind, we run a collaborative and open platform, the Digital Society Forum (DSF) with many partners, scientists and players in civil society.

Its ambition? To examine current changes and share the keys to understanding them as widely as possible.

The themes covered since the launch of the Digital Society Forum (in May 2013) are as follows:

  • the new 2.0 relationships
  • the connected family
  • new forms of learning
  • connected diasporas
  • work in the digital age
  • collaborative consumption
  • privacy and personal data
  • attention and information overload
  • digital technology and employment
  • creators, one and all?
  • new forms of citizenship in the digital age