Our commitment to energy and ecological transition

Digital technology is now integrated into all sectors of human activity, and developing digital uses is a daily challenge for us. We have set ambitious goals and are taking concrete actions across all our business units to reduce our environmental impact. Moreover, by radically transforming the industrial world, digital technology also provides the opportunity for more innovative and sustainable solutions to promote energy and ecological transition.

A long-term commitment with medium-term deadlines

During the Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21), Orange made two ambitious commitments (and reaffirmed them in December 2017 at the One Planet Summit in Paris) which guide our activities in terms of reducing our environmental footprint:

Reduce the carbon footprint

of our networks and IT.

Actively integrate the principles of a circular economy

within our organisation and processes.

Operating within a circular economy

The circular economy concept implies making our modes of production and consumption sustainable, in contrast to the current linear economy model: extract, produce, consume, and discard. Designed to optimise the use of natural resources, limit waste and the production of waste in particular, it is based on 7 pillars of activity, from sustainable sourcing to recycling through to responsible consumption and prolonging the life of our products.


How digital technology can drive environmental transition

From the scarcity of natural resources to climate change, we believe that digital technology can make a positive contribution to the issue of ecological and energy transition.

It’s with this in mind that we design services that help our customers minimise their own impact: for instance, from the eco-labels on smartphones in store and on the web, to developing solutions related to Smart Cities and eco-friendly mobility.

We also support the reasonable and responsible use of new technologies by encouraging everyone to adopt a few digital eco-gestures.

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Did you know?

Orange / CREA Mont-Blanc partnership: how technology is supporting science

Since 2015, Orange has been working alongside the scientific NGO CREA Mont-Blanc (Centre de Recherches sur les Ecosystèmes d’Altitude) as part of a tech partnership, through which the Group provides antennas high up in the mountains.

In 2017, the two partners were awarded the Momentum For Change prize by the United Nations. Their common programme CLIMB is a unique and pioneering approach to monitoring climate change in the mountains through collecting data pertaining to climate, flora and fauna. 60 automated temperature messaging stations have been installed throughout the Alps to further the work of scientists.

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