We promote digital inclusion and socio-economic development

We proactively ensure that digital technology benefits citizens, communities, regions and entire nations. Our ambition is to make our services as accessible as possible and fight against all forms of digital exclusion, whether related to age, disability, socio-economic situation and more.

We start by deploying essential services that meet people’s priority needs (energy, education, health, agriculture etc) and support entrepreneurship and positive innovation through our “Tech for Good” programmes. Wherever we operate, our activities energise socio-economic prospects and create value, and we measure this impact.  

  • To ensure as many people as possible have internet access, we invest in submarine cables: Submarine cables: the global highways of information and contribute to the connectivity drive across Africa through the use of sustainable solar-powered and off-grid base stations.
  • Our philanthropic arm Orange Foundation supports a wide range of initiatives and activities promoting digital solidarity and cultural inclusion. It conducts awareness and support programmes to help people in disadvantaged areas learn new technologies and find employment.

  • 88 Solidarity FabLabs in 16 countries
  • 820 Digital Schools in 16 African countries   
  • 250 Digital Centres in 20 countries 
  • 10,000 digital workshops in France
  • A wide range of free cultural MOOCs, available to everyone

  • We support education in and via digital technology, especially among young audiences. The #SuperCoders initiative has already enabled more than 30,000 children (aged 9 to 14) to learn how to code in more than 20 countries.
  • As part of the O4D programme, we focus on developing essential services and supporting entrepreneurship, boosting local economies and reducing socio-economic divides: Orange for Development.
  • We opened our first Orange Digital Centre in Africa and the Middle East in Tunisia in April 2019. This support programme and accelerator brings together all stages of the digital journey under one roof (raising awareness, education, training, entrepreneurship). By 2020, Morocco, Egypt and then all countries across AMEA will have their own Orange Digital Centre and coordinate activities as part of an international network.