Co-innovation with Orange

Serving people through innovation is born out of a joint ambition that is shared by the employees of Orange. By subscribing to an open innovation approach, the Group is creating partnerships with innovative ecosystems to increase the pace of development toward the solutions of tomorrow.

Serving people through innovation, a joint ambition

Orange aspires to transform the technology being developed every day so as to serve people through innovation. This is an eminently collective ambition, which is made possible by the wealth of discussions between a wide variety of professionals. The Group’s Research and Innovation teams are populated by a huge community of nearly 8,000 employees, including researchers, engineers, designers, developers, data scientists, sociologists, graphic designers, marketing experts, cybersecurity specialists, etc.

This kind of people-centered innovation could not exist without openness. It is only thanks to our interaction with our partners, ecosystems and all the components of the digital world that we can develop unique solutions so quickly. These solutions take full advantage of our networks while providing our customers with ever simpler and more intuitive innovations. An open vision of innovation, designed for and around our customers.

Supporting the development of start-ups

The Group is active within the French Tech ecosystems, working on technology breakthroughs and emerging uses or market trends. We are also developing a number of initiatives in support of start-ups. Orange Fab, our international network of start-up accelerators, has boosted more than 250 organizations to date.

Furthermore, the Orange Fab “Telecom Track” was launched on Facebook in April 2017. This initiative specifically aims to support start-ups focused on network infrastructure innovation. Meanwhile, Orange Digital Investment gathers together all activities related to investment in start-ups.

Orange has also set up business incubators in emerging countries in Africa and the Middle East, with a view to supporting the innovators of the future.

Providing technical solutions for tomorrow’s key players

Committed to co-innovation, Orange puts its assets at the disposal of the ecosystem of developers, integrators, publishers and device manufacturers, by offering them application programming interfaces (with 60 APIs available) and also dedicated support systems. The Group also offers a number of resources for small businesses that entrepreneurs can use to accelerate their development, such as connectivity kits, the Datavenue platform, identity management solutions and personalized support programs for developers.

Supporting the expression of creativity

We work in a joined-up way with our customers to co-develop our offers. The Orange Lab has a community of more than 50,000 voluntary testers (‘lab explorers’) across France. They are approached on a regular basis to test designs, respond to surveys or try out new products and services. The Group also wants to co-innovate with people of different professional backgrounds from both within and outside the company. In order to do this, Orange supports or sets up premises dedicated to innovation, such as FabLabs, platforms for the rapid prototyping of physical objects, the Art Factory or the Third Place in Orange Gardens, where designers, marketing experts, developers, scientists, artists and users can meet to create innovative projects.

Open research for cooperative projects

We are ramping up collaboration with other large groups in terms of co-developing products, as illustrated by our recent partnership with Ericsson and the PSA Group involving technical trials of 5G technology, to confirm its potential uses in the automotive sector. Focusing on connected vehicles, as part of the “Towards 5G” initiative, it aims to capitalize on the technological development from 4G to 5G to meet the needs of the connected vehicle, particularly in terms of intelligent transport systems (ITS).

We are also founding members of the “5G Infrastructure Partnership Association” and, together with the European Commission, we are co-signatories of the PPP “Advanced 5G Network Infrastructure for the Future Internet”, which aims to define the next-generation fixed and mobile communication network infrastructure.