Constructing the ecosystems for open research

Research based on partnerships and collaboration is at the heart of the Group’s open innovation approach. Orange is a key player in research programs developed in partnership with laboratories, universities, start-ups, SMEs or other major groups.

Multiple partnerships

We contribute to more than 70 cooperative projects. On a European level, Orange is taking part in the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program, as well as in the EUREKA and CELTIC programs.
In France, we are leading or participating in a number of projects supported by the French government funding agency (Fonds Unique Interministériel),the national research agency (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) or the Investissements d’Avenir (Invest for the Future) program.

We also actively participate in ecosystems in the field, and in 10 competitiveness clusters, promoting local synergies surrounding innovative projects, as does the “ Images and Networks ” cluster that we chair.

Cooperating with the world of research

We are involved in more than 100 research partnerships with universities and public laboratories all over the world. The Group is a founder member of the foundations at the Institut Mines-Télécom, Centrale Supélec, the University of Cergy-Pontoise, the University of Rennes 1 and Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble.

Orange also has research partnerships with many key players worldwide. Orange also funds 14 university chairs, including one on the subject of economics and regulation at Polytechnique and Télécom Paris Tech and one on the values and policies of personal information. 

As part of the French government’s Investissements d’Avenir program, we are involved with two Technology Research Institutions (IRTs), meaning that our researchers can perform excellent work as part of a team embedded within a high-quality campus. We chair the IRT b<>com which is working on 5G netwoks, the IoT and security and on immersive multimedia (VR, AR, etc.). We are also partners of the IRT SystemX, whose work relates to digital systems engineering.

Co-innovation with major groups

Our increasing collaborations with other major groups take the form of co-developing products, as illustrated by our recent association with Ericsson and the PSA Group involving technical trials of 5G technology to confirm its potential uses in the automotive sector. Focusing on connected vehicles, as part of the “Towards 5G” initiative, it aims to capitalize on the technological development from 4G to 5G to meet the needs of the connected vehicle, particularly in terms of intelligent transport systems (ITS). 

We are also founding members of the “5G Infrastructure Partnership Association” and, together with the European Commission, we are co-signatories of the PPP “Advanced 5G Network Infrastructure for the Future Internet”, which aims to define the next-generation fixed and mobile communication network infrastructure.