Supporting the expression of creativity

For Orange, people are at the heart of technological innovation: this is where our actions begin and end. With this in mind, the Group supports the expression of creativity from various sources, from both within the company and outside it. In particular, this support takes the form of assistance or setting up premises dedicated to innovation.

Offers created in partnership with our customers

We work in a joined-up way with our customers to co-develop our offers. The Lab Orange has a community of more than 50,000 voluntary testers (‘lab explorers’) across France. They are approached on a regular basis to test designs, respond to surveys or try out new products and services.

A platform for sharing ideas has been set up to promote discussion with a community of customers, Internet users and start-ups (crowd innovation). Imagine with Orange hosts more than 25,000 contributors from 86 countries, who have already shared over 2,500 ideas. These ideas are related to innovation and digital services, covering business or everyday subjects (connected objects, connected homes, smart cities, mobile money, smart cars, digital technology for women, technology for the climate, connected sports, etc.).

Internet users can also vote for the best ideas, and the creators of those ideas are invited to Paris for innovation coaching. Internet users from Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom, India, France and Israel have visited Orange Innovation in Paris to develop their ideas. The platform is also open to our partners: Salomon, the French Ministry of the Environment, and the French real estate company Foncière des Régions have all used it for their own campaigns. 

Orange Labs Prime Zone

With Orange Labs Prime Zone you can preview the innovative mobile applications designed by the teams at Orange Labs. As for hearing when these applications will be released, nothing could be simpler! Go the Orange Labs Prime Zone website. Then you just need to download the application free of charge from your usual stores. Feel free to let us know your first impressions, comments and suggestions via the Orange Labs Prime Zone website, and also via our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Encouraging creativity in our employees

Setting up spaces dedicated to creativity is an essential component of open innovation. In 2016 we opened Orange Gardens, an urban eco-space entirely dedicated to research and innovation. Bringing together 3,000 Orange employees, it has become the focus of a network of innovation and research centers in 12 countries over 4 continents — from Silicon Valley to India, via centers of innovation in Africa and the Middle East.

Each center is integrated into its geographic ecosystem, close to local markets, and works in a network with all the local players and within international bodies and collaborative projects. Orange Gardens has visitors’ areas that are available to partners from academia, industry, start-ups or major groups.

The Third Place in Orange Gardens is a unique, shared space, open to all employees so that they can combine their various skills in an informal environment, to promote sharing and working collectively. Designers, developers, marketing experts, artists from the Art Factory, prototype engineers or start-ups from the Orange Fab program can therefore dream up, design and bring to life innovative concepts in conjunction with Orange’s strategic and business challenges. The Third Place is a 56 m2 space that is self-managed by the community, accommodating up to 20 people. It takes its inspiration from the “Do-It-Yourself” and “Do-It-Together” culture.

Promoting creativity in the company with artists

The avant-garde practices used by high-level explorers and experimentalists often dovetail perfectly with new usages and cutting-edge technologies. 

Orange therefore came up with the idea of supporting arts projects that are based on digital technology with its initiative, The Orange Art Factory. Artists with backgrounds in contemporary art, new media, performing arts and any form of art capable of fueling innovation (cinema, comic books, literature) are welcomed at Orange Gardens, to contribute to the creation of innovative projects. Therefore artists have an ongoing role in the company.

Specifically, Orange shares with the artists – who are selected via a call for projects – its technology and expertise and opens its doors to them for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months. These collaborations enable Orange to come up with and anticipate usages and technologies of the future, and also to work in multidisciplinary teams and become more agile. 

Places open to everyone

Fab Labs, originating in the United States, are places equipped with all types of tools to assist with the transition of an idea into an object. These platforms for the rapid prototyping of material objects enable a range of people from any background to bring their ideas to life by “making” them themselves. Open to all, they offer the opportunity to experiment, learn, make and share know-how. The Orange Foundation came up with the idea of a Solidarity FabLab and supports 74 FabLabs in 14 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with their youth integration projects.  

We also support the Cantines Numériques (Digital Cafes) in Rennes and Nantes, which bring together key players in innovation and entrepreneurship (researchers, engineers, developers, ergonomists, designers) from very different backgrounds, such as the start-ups, large companies, SMEs and universities with which we collaborate.