Djingo, your multi-service virtual assistant

Djingo is the intelligent assistant from Orange that can be controlled by voice or text. It offers an easy and intuitive way for you to navigate Orange TV, manage your connected home, make a call or access lots of other services.

Djingo allows you to interact with the full ecosystem of Orange content and services using your voice or text. Accessible through some Orange apps, new set-top box remote control or from the speaker, Djingo makes it simpler, smoother and faster to use Orange and partner services.

For example, Djingo enables you to: 

  • control Orange TV; 

  • manage your Orange connected objects; 

  • access advice and personal assistance; 

  • make a call or send an SMS; 

  • ask for information or ask a question;

  • … and much more. 

It is also your Orange Bank virtual advisor. 

Applying true artificial intelligence, Djingo learns from its users to provide them with ever more relevant answers. With Djingo, Orange becomes the first European operator to equip its customers with a virtual assistant to manage their digital world.

Voice-command Djingo thanks to the Djingo speaker

The Djingo speaker is a discret object that you can place in the home so that the whole family can talk to Djingo and manage their Orange services using their voice.





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