End User Malware Alerting

Orange Cyberdefense has developed End User Malware Alerting to respond to the needs of banks and e-commerce sites that must protect their customers from cybercriminals. The solution is transparent for customers, automatically detecting users infected by malware and blocking fraudulent movements.

Many customers using online banking or e-commerce sites are often unknowingly infected with malware. This malicious software aims to recover their victims’ personal data for fraudulent purposes. The fight against it has become a priority.
For banks alone, fraud is now estimated at 3% of total trade within each organisation.

End User Malware Alerting has been designed by Orange Cyberdefense
to enable banks and e-commerce sites to detect their customers’ malware infections, and potential fraud. The company can then quickly trigger adapted countermeasures, such as notifying customers, modifying anti-fraud measures (restricting or blocking access) and more.
This solution analyses the instructions given by the customer’s computer when it connects to the online service, detects any malicious instructions, and notifies the online site subscribing to the service, in order to trigger the adapted countermeasures. Several major players in the banking sector in France have already adopted this solution. 

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