Family Go

Thanks to Family Go, Orange allows family members to communicate with one another and follow each other thanks to geotagging.

During a stay in a leisure park for instance, the autonomy of family members guarantees them moments of relaxation and pleasure. Family Go will allow parents to find the right balance between freedom and safety!

This application is available on iOS and Android, and allows users to communicate with one another and follow each other remotely in all circumstances. It also makes possible to customize geographical areas of trust: the user will be notified whenever a member of the family is moving away from the determined area. It can notably be proposed by leisure parks to their guests during their stay.

Family Go aims to become an application to develop the autonomy of all members of the family. Various connected terminals can be associated for occasional use of a child with his parents or to allow an adult to temporarily send his location, or to stay in touch with other relatives such as dependent seniors.

Orange secures both the service and the associated data.

> Commercial pilot with Center Parcs in the spring of 2017.

Family Go




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