Smart WiFi

Orange offers customers a Smart WiFi solution that improves performance and stability. In short, it’s a connection that adapts to your household, rather than the other way around.

Internet traffic within French households is constantly increasing due to new online services and connected devices. This is mainly distributed over WiFi, and this network is becoming increasingly saturated, especially during the rush hour between 7pm and 10pm, when everyone wants to connect at the same time.

The interference to online speeds is even more noticeable in densely populated areas where your neighbours’ Wi-Fi can saturate all available channels and reduce the throughput for all households. Another factor increasing the issue of saturation are the host of devices connected to the 2.4 GHz network (the most saturated frequency band).

And there’s yet another problem with WiFi, which is around coverage. Despite the availability of WiFi repeaters, some devices don’t handle the switch-over between the Livebox and repeater when customers move around the home. This results in a poor customer experience such as buffering and disconnection.

Less saturated WiFi

The innovative Smart WiFi solution from Orange is integrated into its latest generation equipment. It automatically manages WiFi in real time to overcome the problem of saturation. Devices benefit from more efficient connections and higher broadband speeds.

Fully extended WiFi

Orange Smart WiFi offers connectivity that supports the way you use it: want to stream a movie upstairs? Need a smooth connection while moving from one room to another? Smart WiFi, linked to the WiFi repeater, automatically provides the best connectivity to each user, offering the optimum throughput and access point.

> This technology is available for customers with a Livebox 4 or Livebox 5 on ADSL or fibre.



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