Intelligent Wifi

Orange offers customers Wi-Fi connectivity that combines intelligence and extended coverage.
It’s a connection that adapts to your household – rather than the other way around.

Truly extended Wi-Fi

Orange provides Livebox customers with Intelligent Wifi coverage that is completely adapted to their living environment.
Our new Wi-Fi Extenders extend the network to partially-covered rooms. The « my Livebox » app enables customers to install them easily, finding the best position in the house.

Truly Intelligent Wifi

Extended coverage is good. But Wi-Fi that adapts naturally to the needs
of its users and environment is even better. Orange Intelligent Wifi offers connectivity that supports the way you use it: want to stream a movie upstairs? Need a smooth connection while moving from one room to another? Intelligent Wifi automatically provides the best connectivity to each user, offering the optimum throughput and access point.

> These functions will be available progressively from the end of 2017.

Wifi Intelligent



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