Livebox virtualization

Livebox virtualisation, designed by Orange, transfers some of the box’s services and features to the network, enabling you to access and control them wherever you are: a Livebox where distance is no issue, and which adapts to the way you use it.

The idea of a Livebox where the services and functionalities are secured in our network is a major step towards our vision of our customers’ services and networks in future.

Virtualising Livebox functions entails moving the Livebox’s software intelligence and computing capacity to remote servers in the Orange network. The Livebox itself essentially becomes the connection’s distribution point in the home. This enables an increase in services and scalability because any software updates or addition of partner services can be done directly on Orange servers, without needing to change the Livebox or its software.

Thanks to this innovation, Orange customers can access an unrestricted service universe open to many partners, with no software limit, and with a perfect user experience and optimised performance, right from the Orange server through to their connected equipment at home. Distance becomes no issue: for example you can share your latest smartphone video while you’re still out, by playing it on your TV in the living room for the people who stayed at home.

Orange technical support is on hand to help in real time, diagnose any problems remotely, and manage and optimise your services at home.

For professionals and SMEs, Orange Livebox virtualisation offers a secure network that allows them to connect, on demand, their Livebox Pro to that of a business partner from another company site or even from home. This allows data, technical resources or services to be shared from one site to another.

Virtualisation is an agile solution that can be launched without the need for a technical expert. The security functions can be activated on demand to guarantee customer reassurance.

> The first business services will launch for targeted customers in 2018.

Virtualisation de la box




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