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Orange Bank is creating a simple, 100% mobile banking solution that is available to all. Its ambition? To be completely focused on customer uses. Orange Bank is the first bank to be designed by mobile and banking experts. It’s an innovative bank that is set to shake existing standards.
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Now, you can check 
your account balance right after making a purchase.

The Orange Bank application allows you to check your bank account balance at any time. Your payments by bank card, mobile payments, transfers and spending are instantly displayed (1). No more waiting to check your bank balance after an afternoon of shopping!

Now, you can pay either way: bank card or mobile.

Backed by the Group’s experience with Orange Cash and Orange Money, Orange Bank is the only bank on the market to offer all customers two separate ways of making payments for free. You can use the instant, secure mobile payment service (2) just by placing your mobile phone on the merchant’s payment terminal, without even opening the application. And of course, all Orange Bank customers have access to a bank card (3) with contactless technology.



Now, you can block 
or reactivate payments 
on your card directly from the application.

It happens to everyone sooner
or later: you think you’ve lost your bank card. Orange Bank enables customers to temporarily stop payments on their cards in a few clicks through the Orange Bank application (4). And if the card is found again, the stop-payments option in the application can be cancelled just as easily.

Now, you can send money by SMS. 

Paying back a friend is as easy as sending a text message: Orange Bank allows you to securely transfer money by SMS directly from the application (5)!



Now, banking products and services are available to everyone, for free.

The bank card is free and there are no bank fees when you use the payment methods available (6).
You don’t have to be an Orange customer to subscribe : just download the application and follow the on-screen instructions. If you would rather speak to someone
in person, specially-trained advisors are available in 140 Orange stores throughout France.

The new Orange Bank offer, which also includes a savings account,
will be progressively enriched with additional services and functionalities, such as credit and insurance, giving customers a whole new banking experience.

Orange Bank reinvents
 the customer relationship with its virtual advisor.

The relationship between a customer and his or her bank should never
be put “on hold”. The customer relationship is at the heart of Orange’s strategy and is a core component of its banking offer.

Available 24/7, the virtual advisor is the single point of contact for all customers. The advisor is capable of answering all your questions and will soon be able to help you manage your accounts.

If necessary, the virtual advisor can also put customers in touch with a banking expert who is available to provide additional support from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday (7). The idea behind the use of artificial intelligence is not to replace the work of the support staff, but to assist the teams of banking experts by providing an extra level of fluidity in the customer relationship.

The virtual advisor learns, develops and enriches its knowledge-base through contact with users. Soon,
it will even be able to anticipate customers’ expenses based on spending habits or recommend putting money aside for a specific project; it will even be able to understand emotions such as stress through a keyword recognition system. 

By drawing on Artificial Intelligence, Orange Bank brings you a new digital banking experience that seamlessly combines the digital with the human.






(1) Instant balance provided on a indicative basis. Subject to conditions and to the electronic cash rules applied by the retailer. 
(2) Service subject to conditions, using contactless technology, issued and operated in mainland France and French overseas departments and regions by Wirecard Bank AG (Einsteinring 35, 85609 Aschheim, Allemagne, company registration number HRB 161178) on the Visa network, in partnership with Orange Bank and under licence from Visa. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa Inc.
(3) Subject to conditions. 
(4) In the event of definite loss, the cardholder is asked to have the card blocked. 
(5) SEPA transfer. SMS sent to the beneficiary by Orange Bank to obtain bank details. Transfer executed after receipt of this information and subject to sufficient cover. 
(6) At least 3 payments or withdrawals per month by Visa card or Orange Bank mobile payment. Otherwise, account fees (€5 per month) will be invoiced.
(7) Hours applicable in mainland France.

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Orange may market the products and services of Orange Bank as an exclusive agent for banking operations and payment services.
Orange - SA with capital of €10,640,226,396 - 78 Rue Olivier de Serres - 75015 Paris - RCS Paris 380 129 866 - Orias No. 13 001 387.


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