Orange TV – Network Recorder

Network Recorder enables Orange TV subscribers to record one or more programmes in the cloud and view them any time, anywhere from a TV screen, tablet, PC or smartphone.

What shall we watch tonight: the last episode of our favourite series? That unusual documentary that everyone is talking about at the office? Or the film with our favourite superhero in it? It’s hard to choose, especially since we mustn’t forget to record the cartoon on the youth channel for the kids; we promised them.

Ah, but it’s also football night with the lads, and there’s no way we can see the final of the French Cup in catch-up… How can we watch it all?

Network Recorder is a new service offered by Orange TV that allows you to simultaneously record several programmes while watching another channel.

You can store your favourite programmes in the cloud and watch them on any screen in the house, and also on the move with the TV stick, so long as your smartphone or tablet is connected to the Internet.

This service is already available on mobile in Romania, and will be gradually rolled out in other Orange countries such as Spain in the 4th quarter of 2017, France or Poland in 2018.

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