A simpler Internet of Things

The abundance of connected objects around us has grown into a universe cluttered with countless brands, and sometimes mismatching technical interfaces and protocols. At Orange, we don’t think you should need expert knowledge to use connected objects: we believe it’s our job to make them user-friendly, simple and 100% secure.

Connected Home

Connected Home, a safe way to equip and remote - control my home.


With our Connected Home solution, you can adjust your heating and lighting, and set the time any electric appliance in your home switches on and off, using one mobile app Connected Home, a safe way to equip – or even talking to Djingo.


Orange is also introducing Protected Home, a remote surveillance service for customers who want to heighten their home’s security, for instance to protect it from break-ins. This system connects your home to a remote surveillance service that will respond whenever necessary.

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3 million households in France will enjoy Connected Home thanks to the new Livebox.

To remember

You need fast and reliable networks to geolocate and activate your favourite appliances remotely. And Orange is providing them with a solution using LTE-M connectivity (a 4G network upgrade geared for the IoT) and an array of related solutions for businesses and homes.

16 million of connected objects are managed by our networks

Dot watch

Dot Watch is the first connected watch for blind or otherwise visually-impaired users.

Security scan

With Security scan make sure your connected-object passwords are strong enough.

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