High-performance networks

Building our digital society’s future also means building tomorrow’s networks. Remaining fully conversant with and retaining control over the next network generations is the key to making the most of them. That’s why Orange is investing in research and innovation to develop services that will leverage 5G, a better distributed, more efficient and more intelligent network – or, in other words, the foundation for a digital world everyone can enjoy.


A 5G antenna at one of the testing centres in Orange Gardens, near Paris.

To note

5G is the fifth mobile network generation and will start going live in 2020. It will be up to 10 times faster than 4G and be able to carry huge amounts of data for people at home, at work or on the move for professionals and the general public. It will be more responsive, too. So businesses will go more digital, telemedicine will go mainstream, and drones will be able to supervise industrial sites more efficiently and effectively, for instance.


A few things you can enjoy with 5G:

-optimal connections at home or out,

-full virtual reality (VR) immersion,

-take augmented reality (AR) to new heights,

-explore the IoT universe.

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450,000km of Orange submarine cables

To remember

The PC key is a fast and secure PC that fits in your pocket. When you plug it into any screen, it will connect to the Internet and display your virtual cloud-based PC, along with all the data in it, in seconds. And it’s completely secure.

30 million homes connectable to the Orange optical fibre in Europe.

VR Collaboration

VR Collaboration enables employees to hold full-immersion meetings in virtual workspaces.


Orange will be connecting H4D’s telemedicine booth to take that to the next level, enabling doctors to perform medical procedures too.

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