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A digital world where everyone is welcome is also a world with no unwarranted restrictions on freedom. And it’s like any other society: you need to strike a fine balance between freedom and security. Orange’s inclusive innovation is helping to build a safer digital society where nobody needs to worry about the integrity of their personal information.


Vote’s simple interface,to cast your ballot in seconds.

To remember

Vote is a digital tool you can use to vote on consultations today, and for candidates to elective office soon. It is encouraging people to get more involved in their communities, non-profits, schools and professional circles, on local, regional and national levels.


A few things you can do with Vote:

-check (and, if necessary, retrieve proof) that your vote has not been altered and has been properly tallied,

-vote wherever you are, knowing your vote is 100% secret.

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550 million is the number of virus varieties that are classified in the Orange Cyberdefense database.

To note

Orange and Enovacom provide a full set of integration and security services tailored to healthcare organisations’ information systems, covering a patient’s full experience from the first appointment to postoperative hospital stays and subsequent check-ups. This solution, Smart patient care, includes secure access to patients’ files, ensures everything goes smoothly on their path, and encompasses health-related information hosting and transmission.

In 2018, 200 malicious sites destroyed per day by Orange Cyberdefense


Orange Bank will be testing a digital financial assistant with Orange customers starting in 2019. This assistant will include the latest updates in regulation pertaining to personal data protection and security.

Already 200,000 customers since the creation of Orange Bank

Orange Bank

Orange Bank is a bank offer, simple, 100% mobile and accessible to all.

Orange Cyberdefense

Orange Cyberdefense is Orange’s cybersecurity division catering to businesses and central and local governments.

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