Shaping tomorrow’s world

From artificial intelligence to connected objects, via surging demands for connectivity, the digital world is booming. As both an observer and a key player in this transformation, Orange is adapting its networks, technologies and solutions in anticipation of future usage, to make them available to as many people as possible. A collective ambition that aims to transform day by day the technology now being developed.

Leading the digital transformation of society

Networks are genuine drivers for worldwide transformation, triggered by new technologies: managing their performance, increased speeds and energy efficiency is a key challenge. Network modernization is a vital response to new digital usages by private individuals as well as professionals. It will offer new services and uses (HD or 4K television, video on demand, streaming, virtual reality, etc.) but also interoperable and convergent services via fixed or mobile networks. Online network management tools enable professionals to carry out reconfigurations quickly and easily, update functionalities or roll out new software “on demand”. To meet all these needs, Orange is modernizing its networks and optimizing the infrastructure they rely on.

Offering ambient mobile connectivity

The demand for mobile connectivity is surging, as is the volume of data exchanged. Ultra-high-definition video, streaming, virtual or augmented reality, etc. The content and services of the future will require ever more bandwidth and higher speeds. From 2020, the 5G roll-out will offer speeds that are significantly higher than those of current mobile networks. It will make it possible to support future use by the general public and digital transformation in many business sectors, and more generally, the reality of a genuinely augmented planet on which millions of objects will be connected and will interact. Orange is working on standardizing 5G as well as on making it accessible to the greatest number of people to make it possible to develop digital projects that will enable society and the company to progress. 

Connecting millions of intelligent objects

The IoT revolution is underway. It promises to make our lives easier, while giving us greater peace of mind and more time to connect to the essentials. At its heart are smart and accessible technologies that enable trusted relationships between end users, business partners and objects. That’s why Orange is actively preparing for the IoT revolution.

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Developing artificial intelligence to serve mankind

Near-total reliability, as has already been proven for certain tasks, in-depth and continuous learning: artificial intelligence (AI) will soon be helping us better predict, regulate and optimize ever more aspects of human life (cities, transportation, industry, agriculture, energy, etc.). New types of more natural and more intuitive interaction between people and the digital world could soon see AI placed at the very heart of our society. This is why we are continuing with our AI research projects, so that we can provide our customers with ambient intelligence that is consistent with human needs. The innovations triggered by AI will actually only mean anything if they are useful to people and the planet.