A glossary of 5G

Everything you need to know about 5G in… 5 words!


The 5th generation of wireless network, after 2G, 3G, 4G and 4G+. Each network generation has its own standards of speeds and coverage.

Very High Speed

The speed is the quantity of information that a network can transfer in a given time. It is expressed in kilobits, megabits or gigabits. Very high speed mobile Internet access allows a large amount of data to be sent and received within a very short time frame.

Mobile coverage

This is the extent of the geographical area in which it is possible to use various Internet services via your smartphone.


This is the ability of a network to adapt to changes in the volume of demand, to save energy in the event of low consumption or maintain the quality of service in the event of peak connection levels.

Ambient connectivity

This is what gives Internet users access to a high-quality fixed or mobile connection wherever they are, at any time, from any device. In short, it is an augmented network that follows you, without intruding on you. It also denotes networks that are available permanently for connected objects.