Disruptive tech that will revolutionise uses

5G is a multi-service network that will push the boundaries in terms of speed and efficiency and will cover a much broader field of applications than previous technologies. The performance gains will bring about new mobile uses for consumers and accelerate the digital transformation of many industries incorporating a whole host of new objects.

5G enables future uses for consumers

The performance offered by 5G will enhance quality and bring about richer experiences for consumers, such as video growth on smartphones. Thanks to high-speed data rates and reduced response times, it will only take a few seconds to download movies; and sharing high-resolution photos and videos on social networks will be almost instant. Extremely low latency and virtual reality will revolutionise gaming: it will soon be possible to play immersive games from anywhere.

In addition, speeds supported by 5G will enable the development of 360° video content combining virtual and augmented reality. For example, tourists visiting a city will be able to show their family and friends what they are seeing through their special glasses in real-time, and the same glasses will give them cultural and practical tips along the way.

Another example is live sports broadcasting in ultra HD via mobile, which will be accessible from anywhere, and accompanied by augmented reality apps so that spectators can create and receive content related to the event such as comments, reactions and personalised information (game strategy, athletes’ performance stats etc).

5G, a major contributor to digital transformation in business

When it comes to business, 5G will enable a host of augmented reality solutions that will simplify maintenance operations, among other benefits. For example, a technician will be able to see the repairs he needs to make through connected 3D glasses. It will also offer enhanced coverage for company premises and digital campuses by providing an adapted quality of service for each application and business process.

5G’s ultra high-speed, fast reaction times and high reliability will also transform business activities across sectors: 

  • In the e-health sector, 5G will allow critical data to be shared in real time to remotely monitor patients in their homes. A surgeon can seek advice from a medical specialist located thousands of miles away via a portable camera.
  • In manufacturing, 5G will control industrial robots, ensuring they cooperate with each other to improve productivity in factories, perform hazardous tasks or automate site monitoring. In the automotive sector, 5G will enable secure software downloads and updates and support the development of connected car apps, anticipating risk situations and reacting almost instantly in the event of traffic or road accidents.
  • Finally, in the tourism sector, 5G will promote the adoption of intelligent travel companions who can offer tips on organising a trip based on your profile, nearby sites, the weather and local events.

A technological pillar in smart city development

5G, when combined with artificial intelligence, offers a network that can be adapted to smart transport management, to provide route optimisation systems based on traffic, schedules and the most adapted vehicles: driverless shuttle buses carrying several passengers making the same journey, individual cars which can be used when their owners don’t need them … 5G’s computing power enables the smart city network to anticipate and regulate traffic flows, limiting red lights and bottle necks. Activating street lights based on movement-detection sensors will encourage lower energy consumption.

A network that enables ultra high-speed broadband where the fibre network is unavailable

5G will become a complementary solution to fibre in certain countries or peri-urban areas where the FTTH network cannot be fully deployed. Imagine high-speed wireless internet access at home, for example, to simplify remote working, or a home gaming experience that you can enjoy on the go.

It can also be targeted to businesses, offering an easily activated solution in case the main network is unavailable or temporarily down due to construction work.