Promises of IoT

The benefits that the Internet of Things revolution will bring to individuals, companies and the planet according to Orange.

Tomorrow’s internet is the Internet of Things, where objects will come alive, pay attention, interact with each other and with us, our family, our friends, our colleagues and the people we meet every day … and where these objects will support people, companies and the planet in new and better ways. It’s a network where billions of connected objects will feel, understand and act, anticipating our needs and above all responding to our choices.

As individuals, the IoT revolution will totally transform our lives. From connected cars, and smart homes to health and medicine, safety, culture, education and recreation – every aspect of our lives will evolve and free us from constraints. It promises all of us greater ease and peace of mind, and more time to connect to our essentials.

When it comes to business, IoT promises to make organisations smarter, more agile and more efficient. It enables companies to increase their efficiency and innovation capabilities. All this and more, thanks to the optimisation of manufacturing and logistics processes, as well as the reinvention of customer relationships.

IoT will resolutely bring cities and communities into the "smart city" era: promising them a greater understanding of their citizens’ uses and more efficient management of public services. New traffic management and waste collection solutions are already coming into force every day, along with initiatives to optimise energy consumption and protect our planet.

The IoT revolution is still in its infancy. As the Internet of Things expands and becomes more widely adopted, it will provide new opportunities to ensure meaningful progress for people, society, and the planet.

Our IoT vision, one that’s inclusive, smart and trusted

To make these promises a reality, we believe that the IoT revolution must come from our innovation choices.

  • For us, the IoT revolution will only happen if it is inclusive and useful: if IoT technology is accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of their lifestyle or household, at home or at work, in the city or countryside. It must adapt to each company, community and organisation regardless of their function or purpose.
  • IoT technology must be smart, with secure, reliable networks that adjust to users’ needs, and objects that are sensitive to their environment. For us, it’s about giving technology contextual intelligence while giving users – individual or business – the ability to control it without difficulty.
  • From design to deployment, IoT technology must be created as part of an ethical approach, building trust with end users and industrial, business, institutional and academic partners. IoT must integrate strong security and privacy guarantees across the end-to-end technical environment, including transparent and secure data management, protected and tested objects, and reliable and interoperable networks.

From its design to its use, our vision is to build inclusive, smart and trusted technology that is useful to all and respects everyone’s freedom of choice: this is how we’re actively preparing for the IoT revolution.

Our mission

To meet these challenges, we are ideally placed. Today, Orange already manages more than 14.8 million connected objects every day, and processes 330+ millions of data every minute. As a major European IoT player, our research has contributed to many technologies that are essential for the networks of today and tomorrow (LoRa®, LTE-M, 5G…).

And because the IoT revolution will touch so many people, we are joining forces with partners who share the same vision so we can move the entire value chain forward together to benefit individuals and businesses:

  • Connected objects that we develop, optimise and distribute.
  • Networks and infrastructures that must be interoperable, scalable and responsive to people’s needs.  
  • Data that we collect and host while ensuring security and enabling applications to visualise and monetise information.
  • The Web of Objetcs, which through our Thing’in research platform, enables us to index, qualify and connect billions of objects on a very large scale.

We have been trailing these technologies for several years and are committed to ensuring they grow and evolve, guided by a three-step objective:

Build an open ecosystem

The IoT ecosystem is vast, and growing. We believe that its challenges apply across the board. That’s why we’re joining forces with partners who share our vision: to build a strong, open ecosystem where every innovator can work with expert and reliable partners that enable them to progress confidently.

Because we believe in open, interoperable, global and sustainable technology, we’re combining our legacy cellular networks with technologies such as LoRa® and LTE-M, an evolution of our 4G network, and preparing for 5G to ensure everyone enjoys optimal connectivity. We’re also committed to bringing everyone in the ecosystem together to help them progress – device manufacturers, service providers, integrators – using our assets, expertise and powerful network to support a more digital society and to continue to simplify the lives of end users.

Empower users to adopt IoT

Because IoT can be synonymous with complexity, we offer simple products and services, tailored to individual needs, no matter how familiar they are with using connected devices. These range from home security to connected cars, to connected health and driverless car research projects.

When it comes to companies and local authorities, whatever their size, we design tailor-made offers that are adapted to their specific needs: so they can choose the best connected devices and also connect, manage, process and analyse their data via solutions such as Datavenue.

Guarantee trust

For us, trust is a key proviso for IoT to succeed: everyone must have control over how their data is used. That’s why we are developing ways to guarantee that personal data is protected, confidentiality is respected and technologies are secured. This involves designing and deploying increasingly reliable and secure networks and platforms and enhanced cyber security capabilities. It also means defining clear and transparent safeguards for confidentiality and access to data, in line with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Orange has already taken the lead and is committed to protecting its customers’ personal data through the Privacy and Personal Data Charter signed in 2010 and updated in 2014.

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  • 14.8 million devices managed over our networks (end December 2017).
  • 330+ million data processed every (end December 2017).
  • Nationwide Orange LoRa® network coverage in France.
  • More than 170 business customers already use our LoRa® network (December 2017).
  • Connected objects sold in all our stores, including 327 Smart Stores (end December 2017).
  • We have deployed LTE-M across our 4G networks in Europe. Orange Belgium announced its national deployment of Mobile IoT (LTE-M and NB-IoT) in December 2017. Customer trials are underway in Spain. And in France, we are currently conducting internal trials on both technical elements and use cases.
  • 1,200 cyber security experts within Orange Cyberdefense.