What IoT promises businesses

IoT offers new potential to businesses too. From SMEs to multinationals, the public sector, institutions and start-ups, all organisations will enter a new era of agility, efficiency and innovation.

Advances in IoT will enable unprecedented optimisation of business processes: from tracking goods to remote management of equipment and fleets, predictive maintenance and more. Companies will benefit from enhanced security for their teams and traceability for their assets, as well as improved productivity and competitiveness – and therefore better control over quality and costs.

Employees will benefit from greater security while out in the field and predictive support for a number of tasks. With connected and smarter workspaces, they’ll have more time to devote to the priorities where they can be most valuable.

IoT will reinvent the relationship between companies and customers: enabling ever more accurate understanding of customer needs, more adapted offers and the appearance of more useful and relevant products and services.

Entire sectors will be transformed – manufacturing, agriculture, retail, health – as well as job roles – information systems, operations, supply chain, marketing …

Our ambition in B2B

Orange supports businesses in their digital transformation by offering end-to-end IoT solutions. These adapt to each organisation’s working practices and priorities: transforming ways of working, evolving products and services, reinventing customer relationships or uses …

  • Empowering businesses to control and manage their IoT:
  1. By providing tailored connectivity solutions and ensuring increased interoperability and compatibility on an international level.  
  2. By supporting businesses in their end-to-end IoT projects, from consulting and auditing to cyber security, integration and data analysis.
  • Bringing a whole ecosystem together to offer you the best of IoT in the simplest way. Because IoT can often be complex, we bring together an ecosystem of partners – integrators, software publishers, device manufacturers, service providers, developers, start-ups etc – to offer simple, reliable and complete business support. Datavenue enables easy adoption of IoT and data applications through the entire value chain: connected devices, connectivity, data management etc. And because IoT innovation depends on many stakeholders, we have adopted a fully integrated approach to research and development. It is open to our industrial, commercial and academic ecosystem, and involves everyone from large groups to small start-ups. This open research approach focuses on engaging with society as a whole to address the needs of end users.

  • Guaranteeing trust. Because trust is a key proviso for the IoT ecosystem to succeed, we are committed to progressing certified technologies and total data confidentiality in order to provide safer, more reliable and therefore more powerful IoT solutions. We want to be a trusted and sustainable business partner for SMEs and multinationals alike, supporting their business and data projects.

Our on-the-ground involvement


Orange offers data analytics to businesses throught its Datavenue offer. In addition to 2,000 Data and IoT experts within Orange Business Service (OBS), this suite of solutions and services is aimed at all companies, from SMEs to multinationals and start-ups and addresses the entire IoT value chain.

Datavenue has been adopted and integrated into many customer solutions: Doha, Qatar in its smart city, Harmonie Mutuelle in health, MCI in industry, in addition to the following examples:  

Cyber security

We ensure end-to-end security for our customers’ IoT projects with the help of Orange Cyberdefense and 1,200 cyber experts.


We’re developing joint B2B projects with major industrial partners:
-    The partnership between OBS and Microsoft will allow businesses to benefit from joint capabilities in device and data management in the manufacturing sector. The aim is to enable companies to transition to Industry 4.0 thanks to supply chain and inventory management solutions powered by IoT, as well as automated processes such as predictive maintenance, employee security and infrastructure management.
-    We’re co-designing and commercialising innovative mobile enterprise connectivity solutions with our long-term partner Ericsson. These encompass IoT technologies as well as Private LTE Networks and LTE Public Safety, in addition to testing 5G network technology.

We offer integrators and software publishers a dedicated programme to create new business opportunities. They have easy access to Orange teams and can benefit from business and technical support to make the most of Orange's networks, platforms and IoT services.

We’re working with connected device manufacturers:

  • Open IoT Lab at Orange Gardens is a ‘lab’ for testing/prototyping devices and services, both indoor and outdoor, using LTE-M technology in order to accelerate development.
  • The connected objects catalogue: a complete catalogue indexing all objects available through the Datavenue offer.
  • Live Booster: a plug and play component to ensure connectivity and interoperability between connected devices.

We're working with developers via the Orange Developer website:

  • Providing a wide range of solutions: APIs, prototyping kits etc.
  • Organising developer challenges.

We’re working with start-ups and companies to encourage groundbreaking new services:

  • Hostabee: connected beehives over the LoRa® network.
  • Nexxtep: deployment of 4,000 sensors connected over the Orange LoRa® network over 3 years to simplify farming and agriculture in Eastern France.  
  • Cargotec (the world’s leading supplier of load handling systems, headquartered in Finland): our IoT solution enables Cargotec to develop automated solutions for cargo handling and predictive maintenance in order to optimise global cargo flows and control/monitor equipment remotely to enable the highest possible uptime.
  • SEB: co-developing a new connected culinary experience connected with Foodle.