What IoT promises consumers

The IoT revolution is just beginning. Over the following years, we’ll see billions of connected and networked objects in our daily lives: they’ll be able to sense and perceive, analyze, understand and act, anticipating our needs and above all responding to our choices. Our daily lives will be transformed and improved: empathetic and smart homes, safety, leisure, health and well-being, education, connected cars…

With intelligent and secure connected devices becoming more accessible to everyone, our lives will be made simpler, smoother and richer. We’ll have more time to connect to the essentials: our family, our personal and professional development, our hobbies. Thanks to these devices, we can also ensure our loved ones’ well-being – and enable everyone to gain autonomy and independence.

Our ambition for consumers

Orange designs products and services that are safe, useful and accessible to everyone, meeting each individual’s needs.

  • Bringing a whole ecosystem together to offer you the best of IoT in the simplest way. We work with partners – manufacturers, developers etc – to select and test the best objects. Through our sales and distribution channels, we provide users with interoperable, useful and secure devices and services.
  • Empowering users to control and manage their IoT. IoT technology promises to revolutionise our daily lives. But we believe that above all IoT must respect and adapt to what users want and choose. With connectivity that’s adapted to these uses, and reliable and easy-to-use devices, we empower people to make the most of their IoT.
  • Guaranteeing trust for individuals and households. We aim to protect your personal data and respect your freedom to choose how your data is used. Thanks to our telephony and Livebox experience, we’re one of the few providers in this area who can ensure an optimal and sustainable level of security.

Over 200,000 connected devices sold by Orange in France in 2017

Orange France sold more than 200,000 connected devices in 2017. In France, we have set up the Club de découverte des objets connectés which enables an upstream test & learn approach for connected objects in 31 selected Orange stores. This Club has allowed us to confirm the real appetite for connected objects on the market, especially those within the smart home category.

In addition to sales and distribution of connected objects in our stores and 590 Smart Stores around the world, we are designing and developing innovative consumer offers and services with our local markets::

  • Djingo: this virtual multiservice assistant created by Orange which can be controlled by voice or text is already integrated into the Orange TV and Orange Bank applications. The virtual assistant will soon be deployed in other of our services such as a speaker.
  • Smart Security in Spain and Luxembourg (2017): users can activate and deactivate an alarm using their smartphone, send an alert to the nearest control centre if they’re worried about suspicious behaviour, or, if the house is equipped with an IP camera, see what’s happening at home via a mobile app.
  • Connected blood sugar meter launched in November 2017 in Slovakia: this device enables patients with diabetes to measure their blood sugar levels, consult their test results or share them with a doctor. This product is a great illustration of how useful connected devices can be in the field of health, especially for monitoring chronic diseases.