The Modernization of Networks

Under the impetus of new digital technologies, everything is gathering momentum at the level of the individual, society and the planet. Networks are real drivers of this change: their modernization is a necessary prerequisite for new digital uses.

Networks, the Cornerstones of a Changing Digital World

Technologies gradually shape the world in which we live. They change how we work, play and communicate. They give us the ability to instantly contact anyone, anywhere, at any time, and to enjoy constant access to all our services, applications and content. They therefore create new expectations in terms of connectivity.

Fixed and mobile networks are at the heart of this revolution. Managing their performance, their increasing speed, and their energy efficiency is a key challenge. It is not just a case of providing a high-performance network which is "ready to connect" for all, but of offering services that take into account the reality of the digital life we all lead. Finally, network optimization also involves ensuring that digital innovation remains accessible to the widest possible audience across the world.

To meet these needs, Orange is modernizing its networks and optimizing its infrastructures.

Targeted Investments

Orange has invested around €17 billion in its networks between 2015 and 2018. This effort has involved a targeted approach, with priority given to very high speed fixed and mobile networks to respond to the surge in traffic and customer demand. 

We work on a daily basis to improve our networks by developing our coverage capacity through the deployment of fiber to customers, the installation of additional aerials, the deployment of fiber optic between cities, between countries and even in oceans, and also through the deployment of satellite connections. We are also consolidating the performance of our 4G mobile network and are working to standardize 5G, the mobile network of the future.

With the digitization of network management tools, Orange enables companies to configure networks to demand and in doing so to adapt their capacity to their rate of growth. Finally, the deployment of networks dedicated to the Internet of Things opens the gateway to an increasingly connected planet.

Orange, a Benchmark Operator for Users

ARCEP's 2016 report on "the quality of voice and data services of mobile network operators in mainland France" rated Orange first or tied-for-first 132 times for the quality of its voice and SMS services. Orange France is also number one in the performance of its broadband speeds, including the average speed of downloading files in densely populated areas and mobile internet browsing on transport routes.