All you need to know to understand network modernization.


System in which communication and applications pass through a single type of connection based on IP (Internet Protocol) technology. Switching over to all-IP facilitates the adoption of the same language by all communication channels to overcome constraints in terms of time, location or terminal.


Fibre is a very high-speed network based on 100% fibre-optic technology. Fibre optic consists of a glass or plastic thread capable of conducting light in the network. Fibre optic speeds and reaction times are up to 30 times higher than ADSL.


Fibre To The Home is used to describe the very high speed fixed fibre-optic network available in the home.

Network virtualization

The conversion of physical material into software usable on servers. This enables companies to manage their network parameters using a tablet, PC or smartphone connected to the internet.

Hybrid networks

Hybrid networks use the capacities of internal data centers, the public cloud and the private cloud to respond to different needs in terms of bandwidth.


LTE (Long Term Evolution) is 4G technology, the fourth generation of mobile networks.