Connected objects at the heart of our daily lives

More than 1 million wearables – connected objects that you wear such as watches and activity trackers – were sold in France in 2016. However, they represent only a minute proportion of the connected objects in our daily lives. Whether visible or invisible, they will soon become an essential aspect of our professional and personal lives.

Controlling our environment and simplifying our lives

Connected objects are going to fundamentally change how we interact with our environment, and create new practices and services. 

They will make it possible for us: 

  • to know ourselves better – connected wristbands are the core of the “quantified self” – by monitoring our activity, weight, blood sugar levels and blood pressure in real time,
  • to easily manage our home and its appliances, using our smartphone as a single interface (remote adjustment of the temperature, lighting, room by room streaming of music, etc.),
  • to interact remotely with our cars (locking them, locating them, preheating the passenger compartment, etc.),
  • to be alerted to water leaks or attempted break-ins, locate your family pets, know exactly what you have in your “connected fridge”, etc.

So, connected objects will genuinely help us throughout the day. They will free us from the constraints of time and space, to save us time and offer us better control over our environment.

The Live Button, a button that is fully programmable

Clever and easy to use, the Live Button that can be customized to your needs. You decide what it does, whether you want it to perform a repeated activity, alert you to something or locate something, it’s up to you! Switch off all the lights in the house when you leave or switch on the heating before you get home? These actions can now be controlled by Live Button. In addition, it can be easily incorporated into your daily life, can be used anywhere, in the home or outdoors and can be adapted to the needs of the general public as well as of businesses.

  1. For more information on the Live Button from Orange

The connected home, already available from Orange

Our aim is to offer value-added services in our various European markets. And already, a catalog of the best connected objects in the areas of well-being, the connected home, sports, leisure and wearables is available in France, Poland and Romania. Consumers can find out more about these in our network of shops and smart stores, or order them through our online store.

Once they have been installed in the home, these objects can be controlled by a single application, via smartphone, tablet or computer. Users in Spain and Luxembourg can monitor their home and alert the closest monitoring center, if necessary.

Taking advantage of new services

Connected objects communicate with third parties – users and other objects – transmit information that allows us to rethink the processes and working methods used within businesses. For example, the performance of equipment can now be monitored in real time thanks to the installation of sensors. The data collected used in conjunction with M2M solutions has made it possible to develop predictive maintenance. This means that malfunctions can be detected and technicians alerted. In addition to managing maintenance tasks more effectively, predictive maintenance is therefore synonymous with optimizing a company’s costs.

Sensors also enable the invention of new urban services for the improved convenience of users. For example in terms of smart car lots, we have designed a camera-based solution specifically for parking cars used for carpooling. Focused on the parking lot, it detects empty spaces and indicates whether there are free spaces via a smartphone app. In terms of electromobility, we have also designed service to locate recharging points.

Datavenue: an offer dedicated to businesses

To help businesses of all sizes, in France and all over the world, to take advantage of the potential offered by connected objects and data intelligence, Orange Business Services proposes its Datavenue offer. This offer, aimed at all business sectors, covers the entire IoT and data value chain by providing:

  • help with selecting the objects and data sources that are suited to the company’s project,
  • connectivity solutions based on cellular networks, domestic and industrial gateways, and the Orange network built on LoRa® technology,
  • simple, accessible platforms for managing their installed base of objects and collecting, processing and analyzing the data collected,
  • end-to-end security, integration and operational support services.

At the heart of new technologies

The Internet of Things works with other new technologies, such as robotics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. It also works with personal assistants and chatbots, which are used by individuals and businesses alike.

Djingo, the multiservice virtual assistant

Introduced by Orange at the Hello Show 2017, Djingo combines connected objects with voice recognition. In fact, you can control it using voice or text. Among other things it enables you to navigate Orange TV, manage your connected home or make a telephone call. 

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