We can all do incredible things for the planet

We believe that there are things that everyone, from individuals to large companies, can do every day to help protect the planet. Our commitment to the energy transition is at the heart of our CSR policy and illustrated by our new strategy’s ambitious eco-objectives. These can only be achieved if we ensure all our stakeholders are engaged, and so we do what we can to promote more eco-friendly habits

Engage 2025: a strategic plan promoting sustainable growth

With the Engage 2025 strategic plan, we are staking our claim as an engaged and committed leader. Our strength lies in reconciling business performance and a sustainable approach with our customers, employees, stakeholders, partners and society in general.


Environmental commitment: Orange vows to be carbon neutral by 2040

The increases in extreme weather and consequences of global warming have made the impacts of climate change more tangible. It is everyone’s responsibility to act now. Orange has vowed to respond to the climate crisis through an ambitious policy framework.

It’s not difficult to go green and adopt the correct reflexes

Everyone has a role to play in reducing their digital footprint to help preserve tomorrow’s world.
Let's start with a few simple daily habits.

Let’s recycle our old phones

Reduce our CO2 emissions by 30% compared to 2015: this is the commitment made by Stéphane Richard when announcing the Engage 2025 plan. To achieve this strategic ambition, which is 10 years ahead of the objectives set by the GSMA and despite growing data on our networks.