At home

All the Group’s research and innovation teams aim to be open towards the whole of their outside ecosystem: partners, customers or students, etc. in order to meet, share, and work together. The aim is to be as close as possible to the customer’s needs and contribute to the dynamism of local ecosystems.

The Third Place

This is a unique shared space, open to all, in order to pool various skills in an informal way so as to encourage sharing and collective work. The Third Place is designed to catalyze the tangible achievements of the makers of Orange Gardens, in particular designers, developers, marketers, the artists of the Art Factory, prototypers, and Orange Fab start-ups.

It is made available to Orange Gardens’ employees, so they can imagine, design and materialize innovative collaborative concepts related to Orange’s strategic issues and business.

It is a tool born of the “Do It Yourself” and “Do It Together” culture which makes it possible to turn ideas into reality more easily and at less cost. The multi-disciplinary and horizontally linked staff of the Third Place organize workshops and mini-conferences for sharing and discovering know-how on six themes:

  • Exploratory design (design making)
  • The Makers’ Factory (Orange Gardens’ “Makers’ Club”)
  • “Do It Yourself” (entertaining workshops for learning how to make a connected object, a 3D print-out, etc.)
  • “Do It Together” (collective and spontaneous projects related to Orange’s technologies)
  • Hacking (events such as HackMarathon are organized in order to analyze products and services).

Opened on June 6, 2016, the Third Place is a 56 m2 area that is self-managed by the staff and which is capable of accommodating up to 20 people.

Orange’s Art Factory

Through this initiative, Orange wants to be the trailblazer for a new type of innovation and collaboration, one in which there is plenty of room for artists in the business. Why artists? High-level explorers and experimenters, practitioners of the avant-garde, they invent tomorrow’s applications and technologies.

The first season, the selection for which was performed in May 2016 by a curator from outside the business, reflects two major themes in Orange’s fields of innovation:

  • The World of LoRa”: the technology chosen by Orange for the deployment of its network of connected objects.
  • The “Materiality of the Network”: the project’s aim is to examine the network like a physical entity, an organic network, a nervous system, and to be aware of its protean aspect and its capillarity.

Working together with creative people allows Orange’s employees to think in a different way about and around new uses.