With entrepreneurship

All the Group’s research and innovation teams aim to be open towards the whole of their outside ecosystem: partners, customers or students, etc. in order to meet, share, and work together. The aim is to be as close as possible to the customer’s needs and contribute to the dynamism of local ecosystems.

Co-development with start-ups

Orange TV: the voice assistant with Nuance and Reminiz.

With the voice assistant, the TV obeys your voice! This application makes it possible to find a particular program immediately, to recognize an actor on the screen, to find all of a particular director or actor’s films, to select a film according to its genre, etc., all without touching a single control, thanks to the voice assistant.

Specifically: from a smartphone, a tablet or an Apple Watch, you can now control Orange TV using your voice, as you would with your fingertips, thanks to the voice assistant that is integrated into the Orange TV application.

The application uses predictive and contextualized semantic search algorithms in order to offer the best response. The service is also equipped with a face recognition system, making it possible to identify the actors appearing on the screen when you are watching a film or series in VoD and to instantly discover other films in which they appear.

It is already available in the Orange TV application in France, on iOS and Android; with Nuance (for voice recognition) and Reminiz (for the facial recognition of actors).

Co-development with major groups: an example

Orange and Harmonie Mutuelle have got together to accelerate the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

On the basis of a collaboration which began in 2013 and which gave rise to the first service based on the Internet of Things, the two leaders concluded, on April 11, 2016, an exclusive innovation partnership to accelerate the development of e-health services. This agreement commits them to implement and finance – to the amount of EUR 1.2 million over 3 years – experiments and innovative projects in e-health.

  • The first part of this agreement is aimed at jointly developing innovative responses to facilitate access to care for all, to improving life at home for isolated or sick people, and to maintaining and optimizing every person’s health capital.
  • The second part concerns the digital transformation of Harmonie Mutuelle to support the sector’s development and that of society as a whole.

It is a testimony to this dynamic that, from this year, the two partners are undertaking a project to identify and build the most socially useful e-health solutions based on innovative economic models, in order to develop them on a large scale. As an example, Orange and Harmonie Mutuelle want to optimize better living at home, particularly in terms of medical monitoring and the anticipation of risk situations.

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