A priority: to offer continuity of connectivity to everyone

Orange is taking measures to offer customers continuity of use, wherever they are. How is this done? By designing solutions, sometimes very personalized ones, which allow our customers to keep continuity of use, wherever they are (with VoWi-Fi, VoLTE, and data roaming).

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi)

These technological developments are part of the operators’ migration dynamic to “all IP” networks. Together with RCS (Rich Communication Suite) services, they make it possible to offer customers a richer experience for voice and SMS.

What is it?

VoWiFi (mobile voice over WiFi): the Group is working on the deployment of VoWiFi, which improves domestic network coverage and will appear in several European countries in 2016. In particular, VoWiFi makes it possible to widen the coverage area of hard-to-cover zones: inside buildings, remote areas, underground trains, etc. It also gives better voice quality.

VoLTE: the launch of VoLTE in Europe is now gathering speed. It should become possible to connect VoLTE networks between operators. VoLTE makes it possible to get better voice quality in high definition. Its other significant advantages are that it reduces the time taken to establish communication to 1-2 seconds; it makes it possible to surf the web during a 4G call, and it offers significant battery economy (as the terminal is always in 4G).