Orange Bank in First-Half 2017

Orange is now a bank operator with Orange Bank to be launched in France in 2017, and subsequently in Spain and Belgium.

Why diversify into banking?

Banking is a telecomsrelated activity because banking services are increasingly accessible via smartphones (85% of banking interactions are carried out on smartphones).
Orange is trusted by our clients and close to them: both advantages have been identified by our customers when choosing a bank.

Favourable environment

  • Booming mobile use.
  • Increasing customer adoption of online banking.
  • Changes in the regulatory environment making bank switching easier.

Why choose a partnership with Groupama?

  • Aligned strategy and joint vision.
  • Robust banking processes saving time for launching an offer.
  • A distribution network with 3,700 Groupama and Gan agencies and their 13 million customers.
  • An exportable model to Belgium and Spain.

What is the Orange Bank offer?

  • An offer for individuals, Orange customers and non-Orange customers.
  • 100% mobile for easy, everyday banking.
  • Simple, transparent, different.
  • Real time.
  • Comprehensive offer: current account, loan, savings and insurance at a later stage.
  • Unique customer experience.
  • And specific benefits for Orange and Orange Bank customers.


 Orange Bank in a nutshell 

  • An agile bank.
  • A «Phygital» model. Physical and digital acquisition.
  • Innovative mobile services.

At the launch:

  • 800 Orange advisors trained and certified IOBSP (Intermediary in Banking operations and Payment Services).
  • 140 Orange stores with a dedicated area for subscription.

What do Orange customers think ?

A third of customers are interested in opening an Orange Bank account and would like to be contacted at the launch (in-store customer survey - 920 replies).


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