Our research and innovation teams

They form a huge community of 8,000 staff members specializing in very different fields: researchers, engineers, designers, developers, data scientists, sociologists, graphics specialists, marketers, and cyber-security experts. What they have in common is that they practise the professions and have the skills of the future. The teams are distributed in 12 countries across 4 continents – from Silicon Valley to India, including innovation centers in Africa and the Middle East.

Each center is integrated into its own geographical ecosystem, as close as possible to local markets. The teams work in a network with all the local players: start-ups, businesses, universities, research laboratories, etc., as well as international cooperation bodies and projects.

New practices which foster collaboration and competition

Imagining, guiding and producing change in order to innovate are based on management and the state of mind. It is a question of making communication smoother, of strengthening interpersonal relations… Orange wants to strengthen the concept of an integrated project by removing barriers between disciplines in order to make everyone’s work more fruitful and improve the results of the Group’s innovation.

Flexibility and interdisciplinarity at the heart of how we function

The introduction of flexible methods is accompanied by consideration of ergonomics, premises and movements within the innovation sites – in particular the new Orange Gardens ecocampus. The spaces there are arranged by areas of work and by stage with operations on platforms to make it easier to move around.

Innovating also means working in an open ecosystem

Orange’s innovations are the expression of the permanent relations and communications between the Group’s employees. Innovation also means working in an open ecosystem. Meeting up, sharing and working together… It is thanks to this openness towards the partners, customers and start-ups who now make up the digital world that Orange will know how to give its customers the innovations they are expecting: simple, intuitive, and useful. Because Orange intends to create a “pollination” of innovative ideas throughout the entire ecosystem.

Map research and innovation teams

“One Roof”: a whole project team under a single roof

The “One Roof” project brings together people with different skills to work in close cooperation on joint projects.
“One Roof” takes an interest in the day-to-day life of the integrated team, its management, and its ways of working. It is a “flexibly structured” approach, organized on multi-disciplinary platforms, which draw on best practices of flexibility. It is based on great closeness between the members of the team in order to encourage communication, sharing among all players in particular to allow better problem-solving and overcoming of obstacles, free from the usual hierarchical constraints.
Orange intends to create “pollination” of innovative ideas throughout the entire ecosystem, with a recent example of this way of functioning being the development of the New Livebox.