Build and develop intellectual property

Intellectual property is an integral part of the Group’s innovation strategy. With over 250 patents for new inventions lodged every year, Orange is developing a strong portfolio of 6,930 patents in 2016.

A centralized patent attorney team is working together with a licensing team and specialized lawyers in order to

  • protect Orange innovations,
  • add value to its Research investments,
  • defend its Intellectual Property interests, through purchase agreements and partnership negotiations.

The patents in the Orange portfolio include as various technologies as coding and digital compression, or the Operator's services content.

An active licensing policy on patents and software

Orange creates value for its patents and software within a strategy of open innovation using various approaches including patents licensing programs developed by its licensing team, participation in "patent pools", and technology transfers.

Particularly active in standardization, Orange participates today in some twenty "patent pools" (groups of patent holders) which it helps to set up in order to market the licenses covering standardized technologies and facilitate their deployment in areas such as voice coding, audio coding (MP3 and AAC) and video coding (MPEG), digital TV broadcasting, 3G mobile networks and wifi networks (802.11).

The Group was also a pioneer in "turbo-codes", a coding technology that maximises the flows transmitted over many types of networks (mobile, satellite, etc.), for which it has licensed the major market players. Orange Labs has also developed technologies that improve the transmission performances, in largely deployed domains such as Wi-Fi, LTE and standards for domestic networks on electrical wires (PLC).

In software, the radio engineering modules developed by Orange, which generate value from its expertise, are already integrated in the offers of several industrial partners.