Orange’s Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is an advisory body which aims to draft recommendations for the Chairman on the Research policy conducted within the Group and to provide information on how the scientific community perceives the evolution of Orange and the telecoms sector.

 Missions of the Group’s Scientific Council

  • The council examines developments in science and technology linked to communication. It strives to identify technological breakthroughs, assess their implications for the telecoms sector and appraise how they can be exploited by the Group.
  • It drafts opinions on the relevance of the Group’s research programs, on their level and any gaps in relation to the operator’s main strategies, by carrying out a comparison with the competition and the global standard.
  • It participates in the development of Orange’s relations with the scientific community at both European and international level. It drafts opinions on the relevance and results of research programs conducted with this community.

Composition of the Scientific Council (as at 09/14/2015)

Chairman of the Council

Members of the Council