CSR sheets index

Our principles for action

  1. Ethics and the fight against corruption
  2. Respecting human rights
  3. CSR governance and sharing challenges
  4. Adjusting our CSR policies to meet stakeholder expectations
  5. Assessing the impact of digital technology in our lives



  1. Orange, a digital and caring employer
    Guaranteeing key skills for the futureDeveloping our collective agilityEncouraging employee engagementPursuing our equality and diversity policy
  2. Providing an unrivalled customer experience
  3. Protecting personal data
  4. Helping families use digital technologies safely, creatively and responsibly
  5. Answering questions about radio waves
  6. Promoting our responsible purchasing policy



  1. Reducing our carbon footprint
  2. Limiting our impact on natural resources
  3. Making digital technology a driver in the energy and environmental transition
  4. A systemic environmental approach




  1. ICTs: drivers of social and economic inclusion
    Combating geographic digital dividesCombating different kinds of digital divides
  2. Essential digital services, tailored to everyone's needs
    agriculture and health
    financial servicesaccess to energydigital inclusion of women
  3. Supporting social innovation and entrepreneurship