3 questions to the organizers of Romania's Summer Well Festival

With over 15 000 goers per year, the Summer Well Festival is the dark horse of European festivals. This year, in the middle of a lush forest in Buftea, Romania, festival-goers will be able to see Metronomy, The Kills or Birdy - among many other acts - on stage.
A few hours before day 1, we've spoken to Mirela Bosoi (Head Of Brand and Communication at Orange Romania), Dragos Huian (Sponsoring and Event Specialist) and Andi Mitoi (Organizer of the Summer Well via Livada) who told us about the evolution of the music market in Romania, the importance of the festival's visual aspect, and the past artists who've performed at the Summer Well.

Orange Pop : At a time when festivals are more popular than ever, how does the Summer Well stand out, how does it remain authentic and maintain its ethereal vibe?

While music is the backbone of the festival, we spend a lot of time planning ways to surprise the people coming to Summer Well, planning a better experience for them. We’ve always made the effort of bringing to Romania the coolest artists, performers, designers - and they helped us building the experience that Summer Well is today. In theory, one might come to Summer Well even if there was no (or less) music on stage. This year we’re launching a new concept which tries to test exactly this premise: Night Picnic. The festival ground is open but there are no international artists playing on the stage. And you can spend a nice evening in the festival set-up, meet people and do the things that you don’t have the time to do when you are busy seeing all the live acts. So Summer Well can be experienced one day before opening its gates; we’re promoting the experience rather than the line-up.  

O. Pop : Some of the biggest names in music have taken to the festival’s stage. Do you have a funny/random story or two from the previous editions for us?

As a festival promoter, especially if the festival is Summer Well, for which the selection of performing artists is a labor of love, even the most mundane situations have a special significance for us. The highlights must include going to the movies with some of the guys from Placebo, as they were very keen not to miss the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy. Popcorn and soft drinks included. We also developed a special connection with Hurts throughout the years, for being their Romanian promoter of choice. The guys are big fans of Romania, they have some favorite clubs and restaurants here, and appreciate we are already familiar with their backstage requirements, which include a selection of Romanian models photos glued on the walls.      

O. Pop : Where does Romania stands when it comes to music in Europe?
Why do the artists accept to play this festival when they are offered the same thing by festivals taking place in countries like England, France or Germany, which are renowned big markets for music?

Romania is becoming a very interesting destination for touring musicians, for many reasons. One of them is exactly the fact that it represents a new market, building a good reputation based on hospitality, professional staff, good weather, reasonable prices and enthusiastic fans. Most artists we met in the last seven years compare playing here to being on a short vacation, and I’m quite sure word travels fast.

The A-Team! Mirela, Dragos and Andi are ready for the big event!