Hashtags Portrait : Polaroid, king of pop culture

Over the years, the Polaroid camera has become a cult object as much as a iconic symbol of pop culture. Why? We explain it all with a few hashtags concerning the irresistible device on the occasion of World Photography Day as well as on the year of the Pola’s 80th anniversary.

#Draft: Ever since it came out in 1948, the Polaroid camera has been very popular among amateurs for a simple reason: its automatic printing system avoids the need of a photo lab. That’s also why established artists starting embracing it too, often using it as a rough draft used to fine-tune their final work. The most famous of them is undoubtedly American Andy Warhol who has always used Polaroids to prepare his pop-art portraits. Now even his Pola drafts are considered works of art in their own rights.


#Remuntada: Like any good Hollywood movie, the history of the Polaroid is one of success, fall from grace and rebirth. In the late 90's, with the arrival of the first digital cameras, the Polaroid had lost its appeal and in 2001, the company that produced the instant devices was forced to file for bankruptcy. But in 2008, while Polaroid films were becoming less and less easy to find, a group of three Dutch friends launched The Impossible Project, buying a Polaroid film production factory, with the aim of gradually reviving production. The operation was a success and the brand is suddenly reborn from its ashes. Behold, the return of the Polaroid.


#Gaga: In 2010, Polaroid proudly announced the nomination of a new creative director and muse of the brand: Lady Gaga. A choice that says a lot about the new direction taken by Polaroid, whose devices became even more flashy colors and poptastic. To celebrate its 80th anniversary, the brand has even decided to launch a special collection of colored sunglasses called "Polarized & Pop" as well as a new digital print-camera also: the Polaroid Pop. Nothing can stand in the way of this amazing pop device.

#MovieStar: Now a fixture of pop culture, the brand seems determined to keep its name etched in history and now wants to transition into the movie world. Recently, a Polaroid short film was released to tell how Edwin H. Land, the founder of the brand, came up with polarized glass in the 1930s. On August 25, look out for horror film “Camera” which tells the story of how an evil camera attacks all those who use it. Beware of your Polaroid!