Post Hit: When pop culture goes to school

If we are being honest, we’d say that getting up to go to school isn’t necessarily the most motivating thing, especially when the alarm clock is set 7 am (or earlier). But today, it seems like renowned schools all around the world have found the ultimate way to increase the average attendance rate, by tapping directly into modern pop culture’s most impactful fixtures.

A “Beyonce” Strategic Marketing class in Harvard

No, this is not a joke nor a fake, it is indeed a tweet from the legendary American university Harvard which announces a class dedicated to the charts’ leading lady.

At the end of 2013, Queen Bey shook the world when she released her self-titled fifth album in the middle of the night, without any promotion nor announcement.
Anita Elberse's study focuses on the marketing strategy of said release: how did the singer keep this a secret? What kind of contracts were signed by the production team? See you guys in Harvard to find out.

Spanish and Italian? So passé! In Berkeley, you can learn Dothraki, as heard on Game Of Thrones.

During Summer 2017, UC Berkeley University of California had a very unique language course: Dothraki, you know, the dialect spoken by the people of the same name in the hit series Game Of Thrones.
It was based on Turkish, Swahili, Estonian and Inuktitut. According to linguist David J. Peterson, who invented the language, it is an art course rather than a boot camp on the meaning of the words of this new language

Can you imagine future guidance counselors asking you to choose between English, Dothraki and German… because we totally can.


The iconic story of the Beatles celebrated in their hometown

Symbolically, Liverpool was chosen as the town where a degree about the Beatles' illustrious career would be available. Way more than a Fab Four musicology convention, Liverpool Hope University offers a comprehensive study of the band's impact on culture and society. Their fashion and aesthetics are analyzed as well.
You must admit it sounds way more exciting than basic music classes where you sing the same songs as your brother 3 years prior.