Tutorial : How to face a season finale

Today, we’ll tell you about something most of us have to go through…
More stressful than exams, more intense than a birthday party and just as important as the the end of the year holidays, a season finale is a major event in the life of any TV series "stan".
So, as well-rounded binge-watchers, we give you a few tips to face the hard time that is watching the last episode of the season of a TV show.

Avoid social networks as long as you haven’t seen the episode.

We all have these "friends" who feel obliged to react to an episode by indicating on their Facebook status specifically what happens during the last 5 minutes. 
There isn’t yet an application capable of removing the spoilers from our timelines and our feeds – that we know of - so the wisest decision is social media abstinence, at least until YOU watch the episode… and then use your social media accounts to spoil your friends :-p


Check out what the fan-community is saying

Nothing better to get you in the mood than fan theories. "So-and-so will end up together...", "he or she is not dead ...", "this one will go to prison and the other won’t..." - fan sites and forums are like Disneyland for any real fan. Plus, it’s guaranteed you won’t be exposed to spoilers, it is considered a crime in a fandom! Also, it’s just as fun checking them after the episode has aired and see who was closest to the truth the whole time.


Watch the episode with fellow-stans or alone

It’s a well known-fact, tv-series addicts don’t act the same watching their shows in front of their screen than in their everyday lives. That's why it's important to be surrounded by people who are in the same mood as you, and who do not judge you if you start shouting with joy and hysteria when the opening credits roll. 
So in case you were the only person in your group of friends to live for the medieval atmosphere of Game Of Thrones or the dark humor of Orange Is The New Black, we highly suggest that you enjoy this experience solo.


Prepare the tissues and arm yourself with patience.

We talked about exams earlier, it is also because that time of the year shares a similarity with the end of a season: we talk about it for weeks (months and years for some) then before we know it, it is all over.
But contrary to the those English and Math tests, we are never happy that it ends, to be fair we are close to tears, even when it didn’t meet our expectations.
So our last advice is to start some other series, it will help you stay strong until the next season of your favorite show.